Special Message from PIFN Board Chair

Hello Pender Island Field Naturalists Members.

 In an email sent to you in February, I advised that PIFN was considering combining with the Pender Island Conservancy Association (the Conservancy).  We received only positive comments in response, so we decided to proceed to combine operations.  On Sunday July 5, 2020 the PIFN board passed a resolution that it will terminate the organization effective August 31, 2020 with a view to conducting the activities of its community education and related programs within the Conservancy going forward.

 There are a number of reasons for wanting to combine the operations of the two groups.  First, there is overlap in what the two groups do.  PIFN’s mission is “To foster knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the natural world . . . through education, field trips and shared experiences” so community education is a big focus of our activities.  While the Conservancy has a broader mandate, including holding protective covenants and improving and protecting habitat, it also has a community education program.  PIFN has had a vigorous community education program over the years  and by combining the two organizations that vigorous program will continue under the Conservancy’s banner.

 A second reason is that Pender has a small population and having two organizations with similar goals makes it difficult to attract members and board members to the two organizations.  Mayne and Galliano each have only one organization fulfilling what the Conservancy and PIFN do separately.  Further, many of the PIFN members are also members of the Conservancy and so it will reduce the cost to those who currently belong to both organizations.  Finally, the cost of running two organizations will be reduced if there is only one organization.

PIFN members who are not members of the Conservancy will be given Conservancy memberships for the remainder of this year.  Further, PIFN members will continue to be members of BC Nature until the end of the year.

PIFN field trips and other activities have been covered by BC Nature insurance.  After August 31 any activities conducted by the combined organization will be covered by insurance that the Conservancy currently holds.

The board of PIFN is excited about the future of the combined organization.  The Conservancy has received funding to open an office at Hope Bay and has contracted with an individual who will coordinate its activities under the direction of the Conservancy board.  I (Bob Vergette), and one other member of the PIFN board will join the Conservancy board with the prime objective of pursuing a vigorous community education program.  The Conservancy is committed to continue the field trips, both local and off island and the speaker program.  Subject to COVID-19 restrictions that program will restart this fall.  The funds that PIFN will be turning over to the Conservancy will be allocated to the community education program.

This website will no longer be updated and will shut down early in 2021.  Please use the Conservancy website going forward.

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To foster knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of all aspects of the natural world in southwest British Columbia generally, and on Pender Island in particular, through education, field trips, and shared experiences.

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