Christmas Bird Count


In 1900, noted American ornithologist Frank Chapman urged birders across North America to count birds on Christmas Day in their home towns and to submit their data as the first Christmas Bird Census.  One hundred and fifteen years later, the count has grown to be one of the most important citizen science projects on the continent.  It is conducted in over 2000 localities in Canada, United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean.  Within the Southern Gulf Islands, including Pender, Mayne and Saturna, it has been conducted for 52 years.

These bird observations have been amassed into a huge data base that reflects the distribution and trends in population numbers of winter birds over time.  Few data bases exist for such a long period.  In Canada, Bird Studies Canada organizes and manages the program while in the United States and internationally, it is the National Audubon Society.  Much more detail on the Count can be obtained by accessing the websites for either organization.

The count period is always between December 14th and January 5 inclusive with the Pender and Southern Gulf Island count  always occurring the first weekend following December 14th.  We welcome your participation.  For further information contact the count compiler at